Santa Claus Home Visits in the Phoenix area

A Real Bearded costs 
$175 per hour excluding Christmas Eve and Christmas Day
Christmas Eve $175 per 30 minutes
Christmas Day $275 per hour

Popular Visits

Home Visits
Most home visits take about 1 hour depending on the number of children. Santa will tell stories, sing Christmas carols with the children, and even sometimes perform a bit of Christmas magic!

Christmas Eve Party Visit
A Christmas Eve Santa visit is a special event that no child or parent will ever forget. A visit from Santa Claus delivering a special present to your child will be talked about by your children for years to come. $175 per half hour.

Santa can come to your Christmas party and hand out presents to your children and adults alike with pictures being taken as time permits.

Sneak and Peek
This is by far one of the most special things you can do for your child and yourself.

This is where Santa comes in and starts unpacking presents under the tree. Suddenly you wake up your child telling them that you hear something out by the tree. You and your child sneak around and peek around the corner and catch Santa placing presents under the tree.

Whether you choose to engage Santa or not this event will NEVER be forgotten by you or your child and is a story that will be passed down for generations to come.

We service the greater Phoenix Area.

Business Rates

All Days
$175 per hour for any and all hours.

We service the greater Phoenix area!

Breakfast with Santa Rates

HoHoHo I wonder if they serve cookies at breakfast?!

Christmas in July

It is our goal to bring the Joy of Christmas no matter what time of year it is. Enquire with us if you should need our services. Merry Christmas!